Thursday, May 24, 2018

Red Wave and Unremitting Doom...

...For Democrat Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

This is a long time in coming.

She should have gone down easy...

[ do you not hear that?-Ed]

Whoops...she should have been easily defeated in 2012, but the GOPs nominated the fucktard Todd Akin, saving Senator McCaskill from the AoS flaming skull of death for another six years.

Breitbart has the grim news:

By the way, that background music you hear is the opening bars of Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls....

Dun-nuh Dun-nuh Duuuuuuuu....

Now we'd like to see some polling data from Tennessee where former governor Phil Bredesen was ahead of Republican Marsha Blackburn. If Blackburn moves into the lead...

Notes on Blooms

For those who may not recall, Blooms is the sequel to A Line through the Desert. We've worked on Blooms on and off for two years now; mostly off for the last six months or so. Well we're going through Blooms for the final edit before the intrepid Debbie gets it.

Here are some thoughts:

-We feel there are gaps in the narrative, or at least interesting things about Jake and Patricia that we have not yet written.
-We don't know if we should write them.
-The text feels smoothed out and edited, which is not to say we aren't making corrections.
-We've never really written a novel like this, which is more or less about a couple married and still in love after 20 years.
-We like the side characters a lot.
-Yes the reader will know where things are headed but that doesn't mean the characters do.
-We don't really have an ending.
-We don't really know how Blooms ends.

We need to explore the physical space of the  novel.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tuesday Tally: Late Edition

Rock n Roll as a pop force is dead and we are now in the age when we can say definitive things about it.

To that end here is a very interesting article gauging the top five American bands.*

We have a criteria for great bands. Did they make an impact? Did they write songs that stood the test of time. Did they grow?

Below follows our list:

The Beach Boys: Everyone's first choice and everyone's beach soundtrack. Talk about growth. Listen to Pet Sounds sometime. It's spooky genius. Brian Wilson did it all without booming drums and crashing cymbals.

Kiss: We are not members of Kiss Army and really don't like them that much. But there's no arguing with their content, their output and their anthems. Over time they even grew. Two Jewish guys appreciated the value of vaudeville style showmanship. What are the odds?

Aerosmith: There are two Aerosmiths, pre RUN DMC and post. Their pre albums are classic 70's rock. Their first three post albums are successively better than the last. The three power ballads from Get a Grip are something to behold. Not nearly the same band they were in 1975 or even 1987. Pure blues based rockers.

REM: We were reluctant to put them on the list, but again, there's no arguing with their output, performance and innovative talent. We will now have  Loosing my Religion in our head all day.

Nirvana: The last great rock innovators. They had their own sound, look and style. Perhaps we are lucky we never had to watch Nirvana get old? Or is that just Foo Fighters?

*A lot of guys on the linked article talk about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sorry, we don't get it.

If you Can't Ban Them...

Former Ed Sec Arnie Duncan called for parents to boycott schools until something is done about gun violence.

Actually, we're all for boycotting schools, but for different reasons.

Ban schools, not guns, we always say and we mean it.

That's probably unrealistic...


But this is an intriguing idea:

About 550 public school districts in 24 states across the Great Plains and western states — half are in Colorado, Oklahoma, Montana and Oregon — have a four-day week, according to the National Conference for State Legislatures. And the trend is growing: In Oklahoma, there were twice as many schools on the four-day schedule this academic year than there were last year.

The article sites budgetary reasons and what not.

We don't really care about that.

How many of you people reading this blog hated school? Loathed school? Just wanted to shoot yourself in the foot as Sunday evening rolled around?

Yeah, us too.

Wouldn't you have traded another hour and a half on the school day for another day off? We would have.

Hell, we would have done our homework for that.

Battle Extraordinaire

Jogged by reader Donald Harris, a combat sequence from the aborted and not very good Space Above and Beyond:

Red Wave, Crazy Like a

Via Breitbart, we learn that the latest congressional generic preference poll gives the GOPs a 6 point lead.

Oh come on, this isn't right, is it? A tie, certainly and probable on election day. But a six point lead? The pollsters are just messing with us now.

Or are they?

Right now the Democrat Party platform is to raise your taxes, impeach the president, take your guns and let grown men in the little girls room.

Said party is run by a San Francisco Socialist and a smarmy New York Jew and it's rhetorical sweet spot is hit by a crazy lady who ought to standing outside a Walgreens shouting things at invisible animals.*

That's a formal diagnoses, by the way. Let's just say we got osme experience on the subject.

Our paternal grandmother was a batty old lady from Waterproof, Louisiana. Don't tell us the heat doesn't fry people's brains down there.

We were watching movies like Airplane! and Blazing Saddles when we were seven years old.

Our idea of a good time used to be hanging out on the back porch in 95 degree weather with a beer, an Arturo Fuente Grand Reserve and an MS to edit.

We used to see how long we could keep those Indian IRS scammers on the phone asking for a Chicken Masala to go and Bollywood recos; personal record, 18 minutes, 37 seconds.***And we once got a life alert bracelet mailed to 1060 West Addison, Chicago.

We hang out on Gab.

Normal fucking people don't sit around all day making shit up and writing it down. Which is why so many creative types are depressive and suicidal.

Trust us, folks, Will Stroock knows crazy when he see's it.

As with the Chinese tariff and trade announcement this week, we see Trump keeps delivering. Nothing succeeds like success and no one wins like Trump. 

He's driving the Dems...insane!

Talking to the voices in her head **

*As always, come up with the reference, get a book.
**Pic via Alex Wong/Getty
***' Yes I am in the car...yes I am starting the car... Vrooom Vrooom!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Going Solo

As noted before, Star Wars isn't special anymore. Star Wars is just another universe to be franchised like Xmen or...I dunno I've never actually seen one of the Marvel/DC Comic Book Man movies so I really have no idea.


So they're twixting the nethers of all us Xers.*

So far Solo looks kind of like the next installment of the Oceans saga.

Reviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story are coming in, and their pretty meh.

But here's an idea. We're used to Star Wars movies being awesome or being awesomely bad. What if Solo is...OK? What if it's decent? What if Solo is pretty good, I guess? What if, to paraphrase Caesar  in History of the World Part I, Solo is, 'Nice...not thrilling...but nice.' 

*You know the drill, post in comments.