Friday, January 19, 2018

Shutdown This

Tom Brokow, the least worst of the old network news anchors makes a great point. Via Breitbart:
On the other hand, Democrats going into this year, if you’re looking at what they’re talking about right now, they think all they have to do is show up, and they are going to get the congressional majority back again. They better have a plan. And the plan is not to go hard left, by the way, the way they’re going to be led by Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. They’ve got to have a scheme that addresses the old Democratic middle, people who are the working class Democrats. And unless they get to the that they can get beat.

We've already written that we think a government shutdown (midnight, tonight people) won't hurt the Dems, but now we're not so sure. Basically, we're envisioning Red State Dems voting over and over again against continuing resolutions to fund the government.

Remember, this shutdown is about 800,000 DIMs (Descendants of Illegal Migrants). You really want to make that case to the people of Missouri, Senator McCaskill?

Brokow also points out that the Dems are running left, becoming the party of a fake Indian and a 77 year old socialist. As Nixon used to ask, how's that gonna play in Peoria?

Don't even get us started on Nancy Pelosi.

Friday Update 2018 C Schedule

Basically, we can publish The Austrian Painter whenever we like. Right now we don't like.

As noted before, Pershing in Command, we have doubts.

The first 10,000 words of Pershing's War: 1919 look pretty good. Ohhhh, tanks!

Sales are proving remarkably resilient.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Twenty Years Ago: The Day After Drudge

In January of 1998 we were vaguely aware of Matt Drudge.

One morning we got in our Saturn and drove down to the 7-11 to pick up a coffee and some Marlboro Lights. We put the radio on Imus and just before the commercials came on we heard the tail end of Charles McChord saying something about Clinton and an intern, we really didn't catch what it was all about.

Around 1 PM we turned the TV on and saw White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry deflecting Lewinsky related questions.

And so it began, the long year of Bill and Monica.

Who wouldn't want that year back?  

As noted before 1998 was the worst year of our life. Clinton-Lewinsky was the background to year in which we dropped out of college, endured bouts of unemployment, held a dead end job, and an appendectomy. 'You idiot! It's in the back of the book!' Our fiancee admonished when we asked where the appendix is.

That year saw a cold winter and a really hot summer. We know because we were life guarding, $6:15 an hour folks, ten hour days. We had the 8-6 shift. No one showed up for a couple of hours at least. That summer we burned through the American Heritage series.

The gig paid our half of the rent and the utilities. Back then our idea of the high life was Red Lobster. So we were doing OK. We used the pool's sionaric acid to clean our basement bachelor shower when our fiancee moved in. We still have a chlorine burn on our calf from daily bucket dumps into effluent tank. 

For a while our pool was real popular with the 30ish mom set. We were 24, tan, 30 pounds lighter than today, and walked around lifting a fifteen pound dumbbell. We tanned real nice too, turning a nice apricot color.  A shirt? We had no need for one.  Once we walked passed two moms at the baby pool and heard one of them ask the other, 'Tempted?' Damn right they were tempted.

Younger reader(s) will not be aware that once the Monica story broke official Washington assumed Clinton would have to resign. By the next Monday Clinton made his famous statement, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms.Lewinsky...' He was lying of course, we all knew he was lying. 

We spent the whole year wondering if he was really going to get away with it. He did.

Soon after we got our gig at CNN. The residue of the impeachment was all over the joint. 

Those poor bastards still had no idea what Drudge was doing to their industry. Neither did we, and 1999 was a pretty long year too.

Command This

We've been going through Pershing in Command all week and have gotten about half way through.

We haven't so much as opened the original document since sometime in 2016 so we have the benefit of an absolutely fresh perspective. It's almost as if we haven't read the MS before.

So far we think we'll axe an entire chapter.

I dunno, maybe we're getting bitter and cynical...


...Anyhoo, but we've read some good parts but overall find ourselves thinking, 'Why are we reading this?' Then we got to one section and thought, 'Jaysus!'...


...This was edited?

It's kind of a ritual at this point, but right now, Pershing in Command sucks.

Thoughts on the Prospect of a Government Shutdown

The Dems gotta do it.

Last year when they agreed to a continuing resolution to fund the government those obnoxious DIMs (Descendants of Illegal Migrants) went berserk. So Chuck Schumer, Amy Schumer's uncle and the worst Jew in America, is in the rather unenviable position of having to placate 800,000 brats.

Oh go ahead Chuck, shut down the government. There will be no long term ramifications for doing so.

Let us explain.

The GOP got blamed for government shutdowns in 1995 and 2014. Pundits assured us all that this was bad news for Republicans and voters would punish them. They didn't. The GOP held onto the House and Senate in the election of '96 and did the same in 2014.

This year no one will go into the voting booth thinking, 'You know, the Dems shutdown the government. I'm voting Republican.' Nobody.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Battle Extraordinaire

The Blue and the Gray.

Used to show this back when I was teaching US I. Lot's of detail. Love lots of detail.

One question inevitably asked by a girl, 'Why did they stand in lines like that?'

So....You want to Freelance

Oh Decision Games, you make us laugh.

So it turns out we have an article in DG's current issue of Strategy & Tactics Magazine.

We knew we had a piece coming up because they sent us a check, which was surprising for a whole slew of reasons. We didn't know which article though.

Well, yesterday we received our author's complimentary copy. With great shock we saw which piece of ours they published.

Now, we're not going to say which one. But we will tell the reader(s) about the time and place in which we submitted  the piece.

-Saddam Hussein still ran Iraq
-George W Bush was in his first term
-One could still buy CDs everywhere, including Borders
-Social media was not a thing
-Google was still just a search engine
-We lived in a farmhouse in Peapack
-We had no children
-American Idol was in its second season
-Donald Trump was only the star of The Apprentice
-We didn't play guitar

That's right, folks. Fifteen fucking years.

In case the reader(s) is/are wondering, no other military history magazine does business this way.

Which is why we don't submit to Decision Games anymore. Also, they stiffed us once.

The Mel Gibson Reference was still kinda current in 2003