Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earlier Today in France...

Video: AEF, the First Fights

New Youtube video.

Friday Flag

The Flag of Imperial Germany, for whom my great grandfather flew in the Luftwaffe:

Boy is that ever my Louisiana grandmother's face staring back.

20 Years On

So I just started War Against War about the American peace movement during the Great War. So far so good.

The author is a pretty well known progressive historian and was my thesis adviser at American University. It was 25 years ago this spring that I graduated HS,something we've been meaning to write about, and 20 years ago this spring that I dropped out of American University.

For academic and personal reasons my college career exploded. It had nothing to do with unsavory pursuits. Mostly I was sick of college, sick of school, and sick of what was for me then, a lifetime of being sick of school. Maybe we'll go into more detail about that in another post.

Fatigue and bad planning were the culprits, I guess. Also a young man's laziness.

 American University is not something I've talked abut much in the last 20 years.

Anyway, Professor Kazin's thesis class ran two semesters. Obviously, we discussed history on our way to writing a 50 page thesis. Mine was titled, 'President Polk and the Decision to go to War with Mexico'. I earned a B +.

Alert readers will notice that Professor Kazin is an old style progressive lefty of the Steve and Elise Keaton bent. How was he in class confronting a student who was much more brazenly and openly conservative than the author you read? He was absolutely fair. Looking and recalling I don't even think he liked me at all. It didn't matter he was professional.

Professor Kazin presented history interpretation  (historiography) issues and asked us to work our way through them. He never gave his opinion and seemed interested in fairness above all else. See for example the Smithsonian Enola Gay controversy.

Good for him. We'll report on Professor Kazin's book later in the week.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Updates

Ok, folks, we are declaring complete the rough draft of World War 1990: ANZACs.

Of course President Bush declared and end to major combat operations in 2003, how did that work out?

We still anticipate beginning the Austrian Painter on May Day.

We anticipate resuming our Youtube video series this weekend.

We might have a bite on Pershing in Command.

Whatever happened to Jake and Patricia Bloom is 60,000 words. We are writing the chapter where Jake is commanding an armored company in 2003. That's the last unfinished chapter.

On the book and sales front we are making some of our books available via Kindle Unlimited. These are:

A Line Through the Desert
A March Through Hell
The Devil and Heavy Metal
Tie Dye Warrior 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ironic Notes on a Book

We've been working on Whatever Happened to Jake and Patricia Bloom for some time now.

If yo got a better title I'm all ears.

Note, this is the sequel to A Line Through the Desert, now available via Kindle Unlimited we might ad.

We've gotten to the section about Jake Bloom, now a captain commanding an armored company in the 3rd ID in March of 2003.

We've been hit by a bit of irony.

March 2003 is exactly when we began A Line Through the Desert. The early chapters were written in dinning room in an old rustic Peapack farm house to a blizzard of Robert Plant screams and Jimmy Page guitar licks. We were rediscovering Led Zeppelin. So lo and behold 18 year old Jake Bloom loooooves Led Zeppelin.

So Jake is on a bit of leave in Kuwait City and goes to a record store, those still existed 2003, to get some new music. What should he buy?

Alert readers and fans know I love music. This seems like a good time for Jake to explore some new music, something I love. But what? Now if we were writing A Line Through the Desert in 2005 Jake would looooove AC/DC. If we were writing it in 2007 Jake would looooove Iron Maiden. If we were writing it now he'd looooove The Answer. Problem is The Answer didn't exist then. Neither did our other big new music-crush Wolfmother.

Classical? We tried the Classical angle in A March Through Hell and don't want to go back.

So to recap: were're writing to the sequel to a book we started in 2003 and focusing on events that happened in 2003 while we were writing the book. Time and circumstance have conspired to put the zap on our brain.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

These Are the Guys Who Want to Live Forever

Via Kathy Shaidle, an article about trans-humanists:

The apparent paradox, then, is that so many transhumanists, while bent on defeating or ‘solving’ death, also seem rather, well, misanthropic. To be transhumanist is on some level also to be anti-humanist: people tell O’Connell what contemptible ‘monkeys’ current humans are, how disgusting it is that they are doing all this breeding, and how they’d rather be machine-based consciousnesses exploring the vastness of space. But when it comes down to it, you might think there is not all that much to distinguish this, as a consummation devoutly to be wished, from good old-fashioned death.
Creeps. You know whose like that? The sociopathic, Asperger ridden Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory. Anyone want to live with that? Or how about the evil doctor from Forbidden Planet? These guys are from another world.

For that matter, who wants to live forever? We're going to break our prohibition against Steve Guttenberg films [you blogged The Day After-ed] and recall watching Cocoon. Here a gaggle of geezers was being swept away by benevolent aliens to live forever. At ten years old I didn't like the idea.

Does anyone really want to be like that Eye-talian woman who just died at 117? She outlived her kids and grand kids.

Fifteen years ago we watched a dear old aunt die because she had a bad fall and the doctors wanted to amputate her leg. She refused. My uncle was eight years gone and she was alone in a big house and decided that at 87 it was time to go.

Of course my grandfather is 94. He has his brains and can get around. But want to talk about being from another world? He remembers people who fought in the Civil War, he watched both the Lincoln Tunnel and GWB get built. And he just buried his second wife.

No thanks.