Tuesday, May 23, 2017

President Trump to Netanyahu, Abass...

...Let teach you guys about the art of the deal.

Everyone else tries to achieve Mideast peace, why not President Trump?

That's not really what we want to talk about though.

We just saw an idiotic headline, 'Why Mideast Peace is so hard to achieve' or some such. The reader gets the general idea.

Some dumb-ass Millennial who just read an FP article about the region wrote that headline.

Jesus Christ, which sees appropriate.

Look at the damn place. PJ O'Rourke once laughed at the fact that in the region one drives past Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Ottoman and British forts. To paraphrase, a drive along the coast is a history of failed foreign policy initiatives.

Try keeping track of the Syrian Civil War. You have the Allawite Gov vs ISIS, vs Sunnis, vs, Shia, vs Kurds, vs the Druze, with the Turks thrown in because without them things get a  little staid and boring.

Again, PJ O'Rourke, 'It's just easier for everyone to hate Israel.' Or as me old man used to say, 'Nuke the whole goddamn place'.

Tuesday Tally

Movies about the White Working Class

This is the forgotten demo, these are the Trump voters. Here are a few timely and timeless movies about young, white working class men.

The Outsiders: We watched this recently for the first time in decades. It was a big deal in 1983, and we think may well have begun the 50's nostalgia we endured in our youth. Basically you got a bunch of no-future white kids in small town Oklahoma. Patrick Swazye is the adult of the group, working a construction job, but even he joins the brawl against the Socs at the end. The Socs, that is the Socials, these are the preps and jocks with nice cars and cheerleader girlfriends. The Socs are seemingly the enemy of Patrick Swayze and his greaser pals. But the real enemy is time and place. Two greasers (Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise if you can believe it) are working at a gas station. Emilio Esteves is a lay about clown. We're meant to sympathize with Swayze's little brother Pony Boy and his buddy Johnny Cade played by Ralph Machio. Johnny Cade with an abusive father is doomed even before he knifes a Soc. The girls are just going to love Pony Boy, especially after he dyes his hair blond. Then there's Dallas, played expertly by Matt Dillon. He's a dropout and criminal, destined to head back to the klink if he isn't killed first. The feel of the film is perfect post-war Midwest. Well done Mr. Coppola.

Breaking Away: More Midwest, this time in Bloomington, Indiana a university town. Once more the successful kids (at IU) are seemingly the enemy and once more the enemy is really time and circumstance. It's September and four childhood friends have graduated HS and don't know what to do with themselves. There's a sliding scale of hopelessness here, Dennis Christopher likes biking and all things Italian. He'd like to do something else with his life but is not sure what. Daniel Stern has a sense that there's more to life but being a towney but has no idea how to find it. Dennis Quaid was the HS QB and now he's nobody. He realizes at 19 the best years of his life are past him. Jackie Earl Haley, and it wouldn't be a 70's film without him, doesn't know of a wider world and doesn't care anyway. He gets hitched at the end of the film. This movie is about place, and aspiration. The movie is it's title. Dated? Sure. Timeless? Yes.

Saturday Night Fever: Boy has this film ever evolved. It perfectly invoked the 70's down to the clothes and music and was completely out of place in the 1980's. We would have beaten the crap out of someone for listening to the Bee Gees in 1988. John Travolta is another working class kid, just out of HS with a job at a paint store. He loves to dance but is constrained by his environment. His father is out of work, his mother is heartbroken that his brother has left the priesthood. Grandma lives with them and only speaks Italian. He's got the same bunch of no future friends, with the dumbest having knocked up his girlfriend. Modern viewers will be aghast at the ethnic chauvinism and misogyny. This is really a rough movie abut New York in the 70's and nearly as dark as Taxi Driver.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lemmy said it Best

The current cover of Time Magazine:

Is Time insinuating that Trump is converting to Russian Orthodox?

That's St, Basil's Cathedral, shithead.

The cover was made by Brobol Design. Click on the link and you'll see they swiped the idea from Mad Magazine, which uses the onion dome concept to hilarious effect. This of course is Brobol Design's after the fact attempt to explain their plagiarism. The link and added publicity ought to be enough to prevent a legal action on MAD's part.

By the why, readers will see both the Kremlin and St. Basil's in World War 1990: The Final Storm.

Inspired by Brobol Design, here's a little song I just came up with:


We'll leave the gentle reader with the words of Lemmy (second frame):

In Which Trump Imitates Stroock

So in both Israel Strikes and Israel Strikes: War of the Red Sea the Saudis are an integral part of Israel's war with Iran. Much of this is the work of a reform minded prince. Well:
The United States sealed a multi-billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia, the White House announced on Saturday, a move that solidifies its decades-long alliance with the world's largest energy producer just as President Donald Trump begins his maiden trip abroad as leader of the free world.
The agreement, which is worth $350 billion over 10 years and $110 billion that will take effect immediately, was hailed by the White House as "a significant expansion of…[the] security relationship" between the two countries.
For our own part, and we must have noted this sentiment here before, we'd be happy if ISIS decapitated the entire Royal Family and blew the country to bits. Be that as it may this strikes us as a wonderful deal for out economy and defense establishment, not to mention an important step on forming an anti-Iranian alliance.

We suppose some pro-Israeli folks that worry about the Saudis getting all this high tech weaponry. Don't Saudi Arabia's diplomatic opposition to Israel has always been pro-forma. They don't care, not really. Besides they both hate and fear Iran. In fact, if Israel were to attack Iran tomorrow the entire Sunni world would rejoice.

So this is a good deal for us, them, and Israel.

Oh, and we love that Ivanka and Melania went without veils.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Journey to the End

We're on a Journey kick lately, check out our FB profile pic if you don't believe us.

In our previous Journey post we noted that all the important stuff happened in the 70's and early 80's and that came to an end with 1986's Raised on Radio. Check this out:

Or this:

Sorry folks, that's adult contemporary. That's Jazz. We hate Jazz for all kinds of complicated and mostly googleable reasons.

Let's set the muzak aside. Look at those clothes and hair.

We love the band's pre-86 genuineness. They weren't cool. By 1983 those guys are all in their mid- 30's. Mid-30's has a sort of hipness cache now but we assure younger readers, in 1985 being 35 just made you middle-aged. Those were the band's own clothes you see in the videos. That's just what they wore. That was their hair. That was Steve Perry's mustache. Maybe Ross Valory told him to grow it. Drummer Steve Smith is balding, has the same beard as my dad in 1983 and is seen in the Faithfully video bringing a toddler on board the Journey jet.

Now look at those hideous videos above. Everything wrong with mid-80s fashion is there. That coat. That shirt. Steve Perry's hair. They went all in for the mid-80's cool. Their clothes in Open Arms may not have aged well but at least they were real. The clothes in All be Alright Without You have aged worse and they weren't even their own. Who told them to do this?

And don't get me started on Randy Jackson's look. American Idol, indeed.

They went on hiatus in 1987 and never really came back. Which was probably for the best given Raised on Radio.

Friday Updates

Nothing, nada from the agent about Pershing in Command.

We've fallen behind schedule with The Austrian Painter, at 17000 words, but have made a lot of intellectual breakthroughs and expect to be on track by the end of next week and at 30,000 at the end of the month. That puts us more than half way, we think.

We are plugging along with Whatever Happened to Jake and Patricia Bloom, at 65,000 words.

We expect to start editing World War 1990: ANZACs next week. Should be a one week read through and then production can start. Autumn release or you can shoot me.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dear President Trump: What Would Breitbart Do?

This is the crisis of the Turmp Administration, similar to the 'pussygate' controversy of the election.

We are at the point now where the media and the Dems and about half the GOP is pretending a fantasy world of fan-fic conspiracy theories are reality.

Given how unhinged these people were at Trump's election we should not be surprised that they think their loony theories are real.

Yet they believe Trump has mental issues.

These are people that believe Bush the Elder took a secret trip in an SR-71 Blackbird no less, to urge the Iranians to hold their American hostages till after the election. They also believe that Bush the younger was in on 9-11. Bush knew! So one supposes that they're conspiracy theories get more loonier with each Republican administration.

About half the GOP is with them on this.

So what's a Trump-man supposed to do?

All I can say is don't get down in the weeds with them arguing technical details about meetings and briefings and what not. Just keep attacking the message and the messenger.