Monday, August 21, 2017

The Real American Taliban

In Boston they've covered up a small placard honoring dead Confederate POWs. They've removed same in Madison Wisconsin. Robert E. Lee statues have or are coming down at University of Texas and Duke. The next target, the great Confederate carvings of Stone Mountain:

This goes way beyond a placard of even a statue. The left is now destroying works of art. Heck, Vice has already called for the destruction of Mount Rushmore.

In case anyone is wondering, lemme show ya'll the company you're keeping.

(courtesy NBC News)

That's what's left of the the great Bamiyan Buddha after the Taliban blew it up. Great company you're keeping, guys. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Will's Good idea for the week of 8-20-17

Putin's War

Meet General Sin Chiu Lu, commander of the air mobile division tasked with taking the town of Blagoveschensk on the River Amur. Behind the general wait tens of thousands of men and thousands of vehicles of entire Chinese army which will cross the river Amur and branch out north to the Trans-Siberian Highway. He must take the town, and its crucial bridge intact.

Ratels of the South African Bush

We've done a lot of publishing on the old South African military and have come to admire it very much. The old South African Army deployed a variety of interesting vehicles including the Casspir, a kind of APC  and  the Ratel, a wheeled armored vehicle with a 90mm gun. They also deployed Ratels armed with missile launchers.

An FB friend, Mr. Bruce Allen sent along this Youtube clip of a ZT3 armed Ratel fighting Angolan tanks during the Lomba River phase of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale:

By the way, the third book in the World War 1990 series takes place in Africa with the SADF fighting the Angolans and Cubans. Plenty of Ratels in that one,

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Deep Night Part IV

Personal Recounting:

I went into high school with an attitude made bad by the events of the previous year. Those events made me sullen and introverted.

And I really didn't give a crap about school. So I did as little as possible and I have the report cards to prove it. [Again with the report cards?-Ed]

I still had rebo room, by HS this was basically jut study hall, so that's where I did my home work. Rarely did I actually bring HW home. I figured I gotta do this stupid thing for six hours a day and at 2:06 this stupid thing is over. What happens in school, stays in school.

Basically I'd do ok in the 1st quarter, do almost nothing in the 2nd and 3rd and come roaring back in the 4th quarter for an overall grade of 70.

I did a few fun things, drama mostly and my senior year I was Captain Bracket in South Pacific. I still know the lines and still sing the songs, 25 years after the fact.

But overall HS was dull, boring and I did as little as possible. I graduated 104 out of a class of 136.  It was 25 years ago right now that I was waiting around to go to college. Its a time we remember with darkness and foreboding actually. We'd never left home before.

The first half of that summer was glorious, though, and one gets a taste of it in A Line Through the Desert.

From there it was Wesley College, where we joined a frat, did out best Delta House impression, learned to drink and do pot and met our wife. After that an undisclosed, non-Jesuit Washington D.C. University from which we eventually dropped out.

We were 23.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump and Pershing

So the president tweeted something to the effect that Pershing had his men dip bullets in pig blood before executing Moro prisoners.

Alert readers will recall that we have written widely on General John J. Pershing.

A bit of background is in order.

Mindanao is the mountainous southern island of the Philippines. The violently Islamic Moro tribe lived in the central highlands. When Pershing took command of the island he inherited and Islamic insurgency.

Pershing waged classic COIN. He made a show of strength against the Moros defeating them in several battles. Once he made his point he met with Moro chieftains and made it clear he didn't care what they did so long as they didn't make trouble. But when they did:

 'These Juramentado attacks were materially reduced in number by a practice the army had already adopted, one that Muhammadans held in abhorrence. The bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig.
John J Pershing, Pg 285, on his dealings with Moros, Pershing's memoirs, My Life Before the Great War, pg 285.

So far I can't find anything on the pig blood, bullet thing.

European Terror

The terrorist attack in Barcelona puts one in mind of the horrific Madrid bombings all those years ago. Spain was punished for supporting the Iraq campaign. Three days later Spain learned its lesson and voted out the pro-Bush government.

America is under pretty regular Islamic assault.

Of course, Israel is under regular Islamic assault.

Britain is with us in Iraq, Afghanistan and host of other places and is under regular Islamic assault.

France notoriously stayed out of the war against Islamic terror and is too under regular Islamic assault.

Bush. Was. Right.

Now all of Europe is under the threat of Islamic invasion. There will probably have to be a civil war in most European countries before this situation is put right. We don't mean a civil war between white Europe and Islamic Europe, but a civil war within white Europe. This pits the effete elite against the burly soccer hooligan types. This is happening now, politically we mean, in Britain with the Brexit.

Of course Eastern Europe, led by Poland has refused Muslim immigration. There is no terror in Warsaw.

Poland. Is. Right.

Friday Updates, Because we Update on Friday

Both Jake and Patricia and the Austrian Painter have entered their final chapter.

There is a next and clever, if I do say so myself, plot twist on that last one. Who knew the Austrian Painter was such a good speaker.

An editor has ANZACs.

We are negotiating with a British magazine to do some writing on the AEF.