Sunday, October 22, 2017


So last week President George W. Bush attacked President Trump, Steve Bannon, and the entire apparatus that won the election.

We have passionately defended W since 2000, even on this blog.

We believe his accomplishments are many, from his handling of 9/11 to the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns to TARP.

We stuck with W through some truly grotesque domestic policy decisions, the steel tariff, campaign finance reform, Medicare Part D, Amnesty, debt.

During the Iraq campaign the left blood-libeled the president and us. Always the White House was on the defensive. Never would they fight back, expecting actions to speak louder than words.

Well how did that work out?

No, W saved his ire for his own side.

Can you imagine, Mr. President, if you had attacked the Dems in the same way you just attacked President Trump?

President Bush seems to prefer losing like a gentleman. Sorry, Mr. President, we prefer winning ugly.

We have never been more disappointing in W then we are right now.

What were we thinking?

The Hunting Ground

We are the father of three little girls, so naturally we are experts on all things Disney.

Disney is a child star factory. At any given time at least have a dozen tween shows are on air, Bunk'd, Girl Meets World, Bizardvaarck...yeah like we said we're experts.

From Britney Spears to Demi Lovati the Disney career trajectory runs from cute tween, to pretty teenager, to beautiful young woman.

A few years ago child star Corey Feldman wrote about the serial sexual abuse inflicted upon himself and fellow child star Corey Haim.

Disney has long been on the cutting age of progressive corporate politics. Disney World has hosted gay days as far back as the 1990's. Frozen is really about sisterhood and Elsa's tale of loneliness and isolation has obvious gay overtones. The company fired baseball analyst Curt Schilling for supporting North Carolina's Bathroom Bill. In 2015 Disney severed their relationship with the Boy Scouts over the latter's gay policies.

That is to say, Disney believes gay men should take teenage boys camping and men should use the little girl's room.

Of course Harvey Weinstein was long in business with Disney.

Hollywood has a sexual abuse problem and there's no reason to believe that Disney Studios would not be a prime hunting ground.


Will's Good Idea for the Week of 10-22-17

China's War: 2099

-In India, religious violence tears the nation apart.

-In North America the California Republic has just completed its pacification campaign against Imperial Valley separatists.

-In the Pacific, the The Polynesian Republic of Hawaii passes the Oahu Laws against whites.

-In Europe, Christians pay the Jizya tax while Muslims worship at Notre Dame Mosque.

- In the Middle East, the Persian Caliphate wins its war against the Sunni Caliphate, and takes control of Mecca.

In Asia, the one remaining superpower is China.

We will hash this out further during the week. Readers are invited to comment.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Flag: HBO Edition


Roger's Deflated (foot)ball Game

The below sequence of plays in last night's Chief-Raider's game is unbelievable and not in a good way:

That's one reversed TD call, one offensive pass interference call reversing a TD, a defensive holding call extending the game with no time, another defensive holding call extending the game with no time, and mercifully a 'game winning' TD.

As far as the first TD reversal goes, in the age of Goodell where defense is Verboten, why even bother reversing the call and putting the ball on the 1? Everybody knows Oakland is going to score.

What a farce.

Russia! Russia! Russia!

These reports about Russia buying a hundred $100,000 worth of FB ads are interesting.

Others have noted that in the many billions spent on FB ads a hundred K doesn't amount to much.

Quite right.

Still others have pointed out that the Russian expenditure seems like an experiment, a test to see what their rubles can do.

We agree with this assessment. Why? Because when we're looking to crack a new market we make a small ad buy in a magazine.

One and done is our rule.

[Also your wife's ha!-Ed]

A few years ago we did some ads in Europe, buying one ad in a European military history magazine in Spain, France and Germany. The results? Not good in Spain or France, but we broke even in Germany.

Breaking even on an ad is a great start.

Looks like the Russians think the same.


Friday Updates on Friday

The very, final, very-super last changes of ANZACs are going in this weekend.

We are blowing right through The Final Storm.

We are writing a chapter on rescuing the lost battalion for the AEF book.

Der Austrian Painter is looking good.

We are pondering a new book idea for next year: China's War 2099.